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Yosuke Yumezaka
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
My gallery is a jumble of all sorts of stuff done since I've been active online.
I would like to focus on creating more madness, but my mental health drives me to another unhealthy kind of madness.
Right now I'm into crafts and have tons of things I feel yet to weiry of uploading.

diagnosed and battling depression and panic disorder
presently under rehabilitation and the strict watching eyes of the doctor and my boss.
But I'M WORKING AGAIN.!! And back in the anime industry too!!
Still on welfare *sigh* But looking towards being fully employed by summer.
my two new kitties and the joy of drawing are my reason to live

Sorry in advance if you run into negative or depressing entries.

** Thank you to all who have invited me to all sorts of groups and contests!!**

I am always flattered that people like what I draw, and almost always agree to being "featured".

But I will decline any invitations to groups because being a member puts some kind of unknown stress on me, although I may only be a lurker.
Sorry in advance that I will turn down invitations to groups.
Maybe one day, when my depression is cured, I will join and be active.

Hello. I hope everyone out there is fine.

I'm living and breathing, I wouldn't say:"alive". Somehow that word seems too energetic for my state.

So I've finished working my anime job in the May. Went into a doctor-ordered and family-ordered time off from work.


I decided to stay away from the computer after a few days because I was constaintly looking for work or work related material. Which didn't serve any good purpose since I was supposed to rest. But discussing things with my brothers and battling with my own demons sort of put me down for I while. Maybe I was just tired because on the last job I did the routine lesser hours of sleep ending in an all-nighter.

After that I've been mostly doing crafts and coloring. My drive to "create" is sort of going really high, almost at an insane level, but I tried not to do much drawing which is too connected to work. So lots of color pencils, oil pastels and other stuff I've never tried or pulling out old art supplies. Coloring is good. I don't work with colors on my job, but I understand the soothing effect it has. It's fun.

I'm presently taking courses in crafts and chalk-art, hoping they may lead to another type of job opening. I know it won't take off right away but that is all very fine with my family and doctor. Everyone is sort of against me going back to work. And I didn't realize why until about a week ago.

Although I feel refreshed and reenergized, the truth is my body and mind cannot take on anything that will cause negative stress at a higher level. Anything that would have someone "worry" threw me into a panic attack followed by suicidal thoughs and high anxiety. After coming to my senses since my cat was circling me and screaming at me, I finally took some of my meds and rested. I feel completely ashamed after waking up to a calmer state of mind. My cat is taking care of me!!!! Oh wow. She didn't leave my side for a while and followed me everywhere with this look of "I'm keeping an eye on you!" She screamed at me to eat, screamed at me to go to bed and purred me to sleep. Gosh I love her. BUT my CAT is taking care of me........ Talk about not being functional....


So here I am in mid August wondering if my plans of going back to work in October are realistic. I do plan to take it slow but the problem is that NOBODY believes me. Their claims of I'm rushing it ring true more than before.

Well anyways I hope to upload the stuff I've been making during my silence and some older stuff and new stuff too. Japan is having a very hot summer this year, hope it's better where you live.

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Drinking: Aquarius

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